Sustainable Style

1st July 2019

Over the last year a key trend in the world of fashion and interior design has been sustainability, and this is set to continue. We are all becoming more conscious with more purposeful purchases or decision making.

Beautiful rugs and textiles made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, here at Staffy B, just like our customers, we absolutely love Weaver Green! From Waterproof tote bags to washable rugs, the range of beautiful, soft, handwoven textiles look and feel like wool, yet are easy to clean, hard wearing and can be used indoors or outdoors. This year the rugs have made it outside onto the patio and get the “paws up” from Bennie, our recent rescue dog!

The NEW Zero Waste Collection from Ian Mankin showcases creativity with environmentally friendly ways of taking a load of yarn destined for landfill to weave great new fabrics with universal appeal. An eclectic mix of colours, traditional stripes in bold colours and limited edition runs ensures your home can look stunning with sustainable style!

So you can be stylish and sustainable, make the most of your home and create something wonderful with Staffy B Interior Design

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