Sustainable Organic Flooring

22nd October 2019

Best Ingredients for Healthy Living

We are always striving to create a healthy and natural Environment that we live in. At Staffy B we are continuously looking at how we can create these environments for our customers. When we launched the Weaver Green rugs 5 yrs ago, the use of plastic bottles was not such a big issue in the world and the fight against Climate change, however fast forward and it is now the biggest issue globally. We have moved another step forward and can now supply and fit ORGANIC FLOORING. What are the benefits for having ORGANIC FLOORING ? Firstly it is PVC free, Chlorine free, Plasticizers free and Solvent free. It is made from sustainable raw material and natural fillers such as chalk. rapseed oil/castor oil. It has the following benefits:-

-Durable, so resistant to staining and also no trace of furniture or chair castors.

-Easy Care, easy to clean.

-Quiet, the soft surface ensures quiet acoustics.

-Warm to the feet, perfect for lounging, playing and living

-Suitable for underfloor heating, if applied over the heated floor it just adds additional warmth.

-UV- Resistant, won’t fade with exposure to sunlight

-Gentle on the ankles due to the elastic surface

-Non slip


We have just fitted our first floor last week and does look amazing, if you want to find out more then just get in touch, and make an appointment. There is a  wide choice of various designs and formats, from wood effect to concrete.

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