Slow Moving Interior Design

23rd January 2020

What is the definition of Fast Fashion? “Inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends”. As consumers we are all aware of the negative impact Fast Fashion is having on our planet. The Homeware market is also a contributor to this, if you go to your local household waste centre it is full of furniture that could quite easily be updated or find a new home, might not be your taste anymore but might be someone elses. The Homeware mkt has grown rapidly over the past decade from 10.8 billion to 13.5 billion, so we are spending more in this market.  Homeware Trends are crossing over more with fashion trends eg botanical prints on clothing are seen on cushions, wallpaper etc, but it does not mean that you have to update your home over night just to have the latest trend, like you would your wardrobe. Your house can be developed and re-styled over a period of time, do it slowly and let it naturally evolve along the way creating a unique and bespoke style that you feel comfortable with living in it.

Our house was featured in County Homes & Interior magazine Jan 2014 (xmas edition hence the pics), and the look was  Shabby Chic, Country Rustic, however over the past 6 yrs our taste and style has evolved and now have a home that we feel more comfortable in and reflects who we are and what we love,  Music, Film, Fashion and more bold with colour and pattern. During this process we have updated items along the way so that they are still part of the home. The Dresser has been updated from being painted in FB Pointing and distressed to being painted in FB De Nimmes, added brass handles and no distressing. The table has had the top removed, sanded, made darker and attached Pin legs which has created our own bespoke dining table and chairs ( we also darkened the legs the new chairs we bought).


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